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Enrichment & Parent Coaching

Developmental support for all children!

Empowering parents to support developmental milestones for:


Free Consultation

We know that all caregivers want the best for their child, and we love to help by sharing our knowledge in child development. If you are looking to set your child up for success in their gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, and social-emotional development (even before there is a problem), we would love to discuss our enrichment and developmental coaching services with you over the phone.

Coaching Sessions

Our holistic coaching sessions help you feel confident in creating a peaceful, stimulating, and well-balanced environment for you and your child to thrive. Whether you have an infant, toddler, or preschooler, we can teach you new ways to optimize your child's development and explore new ways to play! 

Caregiver coaching sessions are available in-person within Somerset & Mercer Counties of NJ. Online services are conveniently available to families anywhere in the United States through an online platform.

Baby smiling during tummy time at home

Infant Development Coaching

The hardest job in the world is parenting, and nothing is more overwhelming than coming home with a newborn. Calling on someone with developmental training can put your mind at ease, get your questions answered, and set your baby up for success! Our coaching sessions will equip you with hands-on activities to facilitate your baby's gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, and social-emotional development as they grow. We use a sensory processing framework when providing education, tips, and tools to support your baby's movement, sleep, feeding, positioning, transitioning, and more.

Virtual Coaching

DevOTed to Kids offers high-quality and evidence-based guided support online! Families who prefer remote sessions and those who live outside of our service area may request an online consultation or virtual coaching sessions.

Mother and baby learning about developmental support online
Get Started Today

DevOTed to Kids provides infant development coaching and parent support services to families anywhere in the United States.

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