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Children coloring in occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy for Kids

Evaluations & Private Therapy

We Specialize in Helping Your Child:

Gain independence with daily life skills
Master handwriting without frustration
Process internal & external sensory information
Regulate emotions & cope with challenges
Reach fine motor & gross motor milestones
Develop new skills out in the community


Before therapy services begin, we will complete a thorough evaluation of your child's developmental skills to determine their strengths and areas of need. Evaluations may include:

  • An intake form

  • Parent or caregiver interview

  • Child observation

  • Formal assessment measures

You will receive a formal written report with our findings, recommendations, and a treatment plan. Together, we will work toward your child's goals in the format that works best for your family!


At DevOTed to Kids, our fun, playful, and high-energy therapy sessions are designed to engage your child's brain and body! Depending on your child's goals, sessions may include:

  • Gross motor movements 

  • Balance activities

  • Fine motor tasks 

  • Visual schedules

  • & more!

We also provide activities, visual supports, and suggestions for working on new skills at home. Home supports will be tailored to your child and family's specific needs.

Child with down syndrome playing during a home-based occupational therapy session

One-On-One Therapy

Our individual occupational therapy sessions are upbeat and tailored to support your child's sensory processing, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, and social development. 


We offer 30- or 45-minute weekly sessions depending on the needs of your child and family. Parent coaching, educational support, and time for Q&A are included within each session.

Routine-Based Intervention

Does your child struggle with everyday tasks such as dressing, bike riding, tying shoes, transitions, participating in mealtimes, bedtime routines, or attending a birthday party? Our routine-based interventions are designed to evaluate and support your child “in the moment." We offer hands-on guidance when your child needs it most, and we follow up with tips, strategies, and tangible tools for you to use in order to foster your child's success, independence, and happiness.

Elementary school boy brushing teeth
Preschool child having a meltdown

Emotional Regulation Training

Both neurotypical and neurodivergent children struggle with regulating their emotions. We take a proactive approach to emotional regulation by teaching children and caregivers to use a shared emotional language vocabulary when sad, silly, upset, frustrated, or angry. We will provide you with proactive strategies and activities to prevent meltdowns, and we will give you visual supports and tools to use when your child is experiencing emotional distress. Principles of sensory processing, social emotional regulation and mindfulness will be incorporated to create more harmonious interactions.

Emotional Reg

Community Integration

We travel to provide assessments and therapy within the community, allowing us to work in the exact environment that is challenging for you and your child. Whether your child needs support with getting haircuts, attending public events, experiencing textures and sounds at the park, or participating in karate class, we can provide you with insight, strategies, and supports to help them be successful in future outings. Sometimes, therapy works best in the real world!

Toddler with sensory sensitivity getting a haircut after sensory processing therapy
Get Started Today

DevOTed to Kids provides occupational therapy services to children in our SKillman clinic, at local community centers, and online throughout New Jersey.

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